The first session is all about gaining confidence and experiencing deep relaxation, perhaps more than you would expect.

We do not need to delve into the past as  I believe it to be of little benefit (when using hypnosis) and may be counter-productive.

Deep relaxation to target the problems

There may be even deeper layers of relaxation that can be achieved by various approved methods, all known to hypnotherapists. The deepest possible stage is the most desirable. This will help target your individual problem.

Using guided visual imagery

I have found that so-called “guided visual imagery” can be very effective.

This is where I ask you to imagine a pleasant scene, having discussed with you beforehand what this might be. Then I suggest that you follow me on a trail, like a stroll through a wood – almost like a bedtime story.

From time to time I will check with you that you are comfortable and not disturbed in any way.

The importance of this technique is that by listening to me you are tending to reduce the interference from external sounds and obtrusive thoughts.

You might not be good at picturing things and undoubtedly your attention will wander, but time spent in a prolonged trance is significant and therapeutically very valuable.

Deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestion

When I think that you are ready, in a deep enough relaxation, I will give you suggestions about your problem specifically.

I shall emphasise the improvements that will be good for you to feel; gaining confidence, concentration, mental strength, empowerment in coping and feelings of well-being in general (ego-strengthening).

I will make suggestions about how you can deal with pain and its unpleasant effects in the future.

The post hypnotic suggestion

This is a suggestion or idea that is given to you while in the hypnotic state that afterwards influences your behaviour, emotions, perceptions or beliefs in a beneficial, but often in an unconscious way. It is the basis of coping with your pain or other problems.

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The future – relaxing on your own

Eventually I hope that you will become so familiar with hypnosis that you can slip into it like sliding into a lovely hot bath or a warm bed.

It is important that you should become self-reliant and be able to cope with whatever problems crop up. You may find that self-hypnosis/relaxation can be useful to boost your therapy and I encourage this on a daily basis.

If you wish, we can make a sound recording of your session to help you at home.

Useful skills

There are also instances in daily life where the power of the subconscious can be summoned up to help you deal with stress, anxiety and even anger, a very useful ability!

I can teach you little tricks, like breathing control, to help you with this.

I’d love to help you, please contact me

Please contact me to see how I can help you mange your pain, or perhaps other symptoms.