First visit for Hypnotherapy in Bristol – Pain Management

Getting to know you

I need to get to know you and discover your problems.

In the course of our discussion, you may find it difficult to put everything into words. This will become easier as we talk.

The major problem you are presenting might be chronic pain, which has many dimensions. It is often accompanied by anxiety that is known as “free-floating anxiety”. In other words, it seems to have no fixed basis; you feel worried and anxious about anything and everything. This is one of the most amenable aspects of hypnotherapy. As we work together, the anxiety may gradually ebb away.

The  information about hypnosis is my attempt to describe the desirable hypnotic state. If you have concerns about hypnosis, it will help to read some FAQs.

Induction of hypnosis

I will ensure that you are feeling warm and comfortable, in a chair or on a couch. We will talk about deep relaxation and then attempt to relax. This may come quickly or may take time – there is no pressure.

When you have started to go into deep relaxation, the channel to your subconscious mind opens. I will try to help this process by suggesting that it is like going down some stairs to another floor in a large superstore filled with fascinating things.

I will talk to you about gaining confidence, feeling empowered to handle your problems and becoming a more relaxed person. This is not aimed specifically at the problem you came with, it comes under the term “ego-strengthening”. You can read more about ego-strengthening on the about hypnosis page.

Self relaxation/hypnosis

Learning how to do self-relaxation is another important feature I will teach you. You can practise this between sessions.

At the second session,  we can expect that you will be able to achieve deep relaxation more quickly, more easily and be able to go more deeply. This is the very desirable improvement that gives optimum conditions for potent therapy.