Is hypnosis like sleep?

No, it is an altered state of awareness/consciousness like day-dreaming in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestions given by me. The difference can be seen easily in the brain wave patterns.

Shall I remember everything that has been said?

It is important that the suggestions can be recalled by the subconscious mind— this is part of the therapy. However sometimes you may be unable to recall the details of each session. If you feel uncomfortable with this I can ensure that you will remember everything.

Can I be made to do things that I would never do normally?

No, this is the stuff of fiction.

If I am able to relax very deeply shall I have drowsiness afterwards?

Hypnosis is not like a general anaesthetic or sedation with a drug, but it would be wise to rest quietly for say, half an hour. People vary a lot in their response to hypnosis so common sense is called for.

How many sessions shall I need?

The response to hypnosis is highly individual and this makes it very hard to predict. In a way it is like training for a new sport— deep relaxation comes to some easily, others need time to get to the “Aha!” moment. Let us start with at least three sessions