Brain Waves

How can I tell how relaxed you are?

There are many subtle ways by which anyone can judge a person’s mental state without speaking; this is part of the natural way in which we interact as humans.  For example:

  • General demeanour
  • Signs of agitation
  • Signs of relaxation
  • Body language
  • Facial expression
  • Breathing rate

Therapists develop an acute sense of how their charges are progressing; a hypnotherapist is the same.

There is a better way!

Electro-encephalography or EEG is a wonderful way to show graphically how the brain responds to hypnosis. Picking up the brain’s electrical activity with stick-on electrodes is simple:

The EEG box analyses the electrical signals from the brain, picks up when waves/rhythms are detected and can show them on a coloured “heat” map. Red is the hottest i.e strongest wave signal, blue is the weakest. Alpha waves are generated in a variety of mental states such as in a sports “Zone” but especially in hypnosis.

Hypnosis EEG Spectrum


Alpha Rhythm/Waves Band

This is the one we are aiming for, 7.5 – 12Hz, a sure sign of an altered state of consciousness when the client is most susceptible to positive beneficial suggestions. This one is centred on 8Hz. Any mental conflicts will disturb the alpha rhythm and can be vital feed-back to the therapist.

Non-rhythm band

The bottom band is 0 – 3Hz and I have called it the “Non-rhythm” because it has no special significance – it appears in a normal fully conscious state.