About Hypnosis

How does hypnosis help with pain?

Chronic pain has many more facets than can be treated by pain-killers. You may need these drugs, however they can become less effective after time and they may have undesirable side effects.

If you suffer from chronic pain you will know all about the effect of it on your mood, anxiety, work, ability to concentrate, family and social relationships. Tackling your pain (or other problems) with the support of hypnosis, will in turn bring about positive effects on the aforementioned aspects of your life.

Hypnosis can modulate your pain by the power of posthypnotic suggestion – see the paragraph below. Routine use of self hypnosis can give you some respite.  As you practise and improve your own experience, over the long term you may notice that your pain becomes less and less dominant in you daily life. This is like living by the sea – at first you are aware of the sound of the waves, but then it fades into the background. So you may feel that you are no longer a victim but a hero, overcoming adversity.

What is hypnosis like?

It’s similar to day-dreaming, listening to music, dancing or reading a good book. These are commonplace examples of a sort of hypnotic trance-like state. Most people have experienced this from time to time.

Hypnosis is merely a guided prolonged trance-like state, which can lead you to an Aha! moment – a revelation.

Self relaxation

The ability to control one’s own mind without external help is highly prized. There many methods such as meditation, self relaxation/auto hypnosis and biofeedback with devices that pick up brain rhythms (neuro feedback). In sports “getting into the Zone” can improve performance by reducing unwanted tension. It can be shown that all of these can generate strong alpha brain waves. However, there is very little that can beat hypnosis under the guidance of a skilled therapist.

Connecting to the subconscious

Build bridges to your inner self, not walls.

Self relaxation and other tools can be gratifying, improve mood and lift the spirits. However, it’s your inner self, the subconscious mind, that may be causing problems and may remain untouched.

Hypnosis allows us an opportunity to connect to this inner self to bring about change in your life.

Post hypnotic suggestions

All the things I say to you during a session go deeply into your subconscious. They are always available to help you, even though you may not be aware or this.

These post hypnotic suggestions form the cornerstone of therapy.

Ego-strengthening – the basis of therapy

Ego-strengthening can also be referred to as “empowerment”. A sports coach can empower an athlete by helping to build on their positive attributes, swing round the negatives and strengthen their abilities.

Think of me as the equivalent of a coach, using hypnosis to build on your strengths. Hypnosis lets me give you post hypnotic suggestions for improvements in the way in which you think, feel and act.

Opening the channel to your subconscious, provides you with insight. This enables you to understand the corrosive effects of negative thoughts, change them and thereby promote a virtuous circle of success.