Hypnotherapy in Bristol – Pain Management Specialist

Relentless pain that goes on day after day, can drag you down and affect you to your core.

I may be able to help you through the use of hypnosis.

My name is Mark Griffiths, I am a retired doctor and dentist. Most of my clinical career has been devoted to preventing and alleviating pain.

I now help clients in my private practice using hypnotherapy to manage their pain.

I have found that hypnotherapy can help to improve quality of life in many ways by positively changing thoughts, behaviours, emotions, perceptions or beliefs. My view is that hypnosis is a shortcut to the subconscious, where so many negative feelings can arise. Hypnosis can give you the power to control your mind in the way that you want it to work.

Hypnotherapy in Bristol – Pain Management Specialist

Acute pain

Pain is there to warn and protect your body almost like a guardian angel. But when you have an acute injury like stubbing your toe or cutting yourself you expect the injury to heal and the pain to go.

Chronic pain

What if the pain is still there after the injury heals? Obviously there are pain-killers that can help but the stronger they are, the more side effects occur. There are, of course other sources of pain like fibromyalgia that do not appear to be the result of trauma. After six months they say we can call it chronic pain.

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Treatment of pain

Medical pain specialists have lots of techniques to offer, sometimes with great success. Although many suffering from chronic pain are brave and stoical, others are deeply miserable. Their work, mental ability, social and family relationships can all be adversely affected. Often there is anxiety, depression, loss of confidence and self-esteem.

This is where hypnosis can help.

Start managing your pain today

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